Marylou Marcus, LLC
Educational Consultant - Helping families find the right school!




Independent Secondary Boarding/Day

Advising families about boarding/day school options, in helping the student and family choose a school that has the level of challenge, pressure, or competition that is appropriate for your child. Your school choice will be based on a thorough understanding of your child’s educational needs and interests. This will be achieved through the following:
• Consultation with family and child
• Evaluation of academic records
• Guidance on secondary school interviewing
• In-house SSAT testing offered
• Identification of potential secondary schools

At – Risk teens/Emotional Growth and Therapeutic Placements

Students who are making inappropriate choices may be candidates for special schools and programs including:
• Emotional Growth Boarding School
• Residential Treatment Centers
• Short-term Therapeutic Wilderness Programs
• Transitional Schools

Summer Programs

Summer can be a time to do something different and exciting and fun too!
• Summer Camp
• Outdoor Adventures
• Specialty Schools and Camps
• International Programs
• Volunteer Programs


I will have continued contact with the student, family, and school throughout the admission and enrollment process to ensure the students emotional and academic needs have been met.

SSAT Flex Test

We administer the SSAT Flex Test at our offices.