Marylou Marcus, LLC
Educational Consultant - Helping families find the right school!



Secondary Programs

The secondary education experience marks the beginning of an exciting and enriching journey. Its success is dependent upon each child having the opportunity to develop his or her interests to the fullest. It is my intent that your child be afforded every opportunity to do so through the careful selection of a school.


An initial parent interview allows you to discuss the hopes and expectations you have for your child. At this time, I obtain a history of your child's previous experience in school and then evaluate school records, testing and other relevant information. This session will be followed by a meeting with your child. This enables me to make a comprehensive evaluation of your child's academic needs, developmental level and extracurricular interests.

Research and Implementation of a Plan

I will research appropriate school options in terms of your child's individual needs, and discuss with the schools how they might be a good match for your child. I am then able to recommend schools that are viable choices.


At the follow-up meeting I will discuss with you which schools I feel are appropriate for consideration. I remain actively involved in the application process from start to finish to ensure the greatest attention is given to facilitating your child's selection of a new school.