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Thank you Sarah for working with us and finding the right school for our son. He has been very happy and very successful.
— parent , ma
Thank you so much for all the assistance you provided with school placements for my children. You were always so encouraging, helpful, and totally trustworthy. You have made their lives a better place. I especially appreciated the fact that you were very timely in responding to my calls.
— Parent, Lawyer, WV
My family is very pleased with the assistance provided by Marylou Marcus. We knew a New England boarding school for the academic excellence, but were unfamiliar with the large number of schools. She provided us an excellent list of schools to review that were a good fit for our son’s personality. The application process was involved, but she was able to keep both parents and son on track. My son is excited about attending his dream school next year.
— Parent, NC
Marylou’s patient, thoughtful and through counsel made a potentially overwhelming process organized and successful. Our daughter was accepted at her first choice of schools and we look forward to this wonderful opportunity. Marylou knows her stuff. She is a great listener and was available for all of our questions and concerns. Thank you Marylou!
— Parent, NH
It was a pleasure to work with Marylou. She gave us the confidence and assistance we needed throughout the boarding school process. My son was accepted into his first choice boarding school. I will recommend Marylou to anyone starting this process.

— Parent, FL
Marylou worked with both our daughters and thoroughly prepared them for the interview and application process. She spent time getting to know our children, and through her extensive knowledge of the schools and their cultures, was able to recommend the right schools. Marylou’s experience and insight proved indispensible for our family during our school search and we would highly recommend her consultative services.

— Parent, NH
Marylou, you are a true professional. With your first-hand knowledge of admission processes, your extensive personal connections and your ability to listen carefully, you looked for best schools for our son. We knew right away that we could count on you. We are forever grateful for your help.
— Parent, Tokyo, Japan
Marylou gave us the insight, information and skills we needed to undertake the boarding school application process enjoyably and with huge success. Her help at each stage of the process made all the difference. She helped us select the schools that were unquestionably the best match, and she acted as invaluable sounding board and source of information and guidance throughout the experience. With her experience and insight, we had a resoundingly positive experience.

— Parent, NH
Our family had the good fortune to work closely with Marylou Marcus this past year as we evaluated independent High School options for our oldest son. As you might imagine we felt that this was a slightly daunting task, and we wanted to ensure that we applied to, and were accepted to the schools of our choice. From the beginning Marylou was able to apply a steady dose of advice and logic that proved to be incredibly valuable as our decision choices were narrowed to schools that would provide the best fit for our son. New to the process, Marylou was with our family from day one through our final March 10th acceptance day. Marylou was readily accessible and responsive to our son and family as we tried to answer the multitude of questions and options. In hindsight, choosing to engage with Marylou was a very worthwhile decision that we will leverage again as we repeat this process this fall with our daughter. Thank you Marylou for a seamless, professional and straight forward consulting engagement. Most importantly, with your advice and guidance, our son had many High School choices.

— Parent, MA
I am so grateful to have you on board during my daughter’s boarding schools search and help me through the application process especially meeting deadlines. Once again thank you so much for your service.
— Parent, China
Marylou, you are a truly wonderful person and exceptional professional! Your expertise, patience and genuine passion to go an extra mile enabled our daughter to enroll the school of her dreams. We will never forget your invaluable help you offered to our family and will whole-heartedly recommend you to anybody who may need such service.

— Parents, CA
Marylou, you provided valuable input from our very first meeting when you met with our twin sons and began coaching them on comfortable ways to recognize and present their unique interests and talents. You helped us narrow the field of school options to a comfortable number of appropriate matches. Throughout the application process, from developing an approach for standardized test preparation, to visits, interviews and in considering essay content, you provided positive energy and encouragement. Our boys’ were admitted to their top choice. We credit your direction and experience in helping them achieve that result.

— Parent, MA
Thank you so much for the help and assistance you gave us and our daughter. She was accepted at her school of choice. I will recommend you to our friends and family who are going through the same process.
— Parent, NH
I’ll never forget the incredible difference you made in my daughter’s life. The expertise you provided was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
— Parent, NH
We simply felt more confident and calm going into the secondary school search for our son’s search for a boarding school.
— Parent, MA
You were thorough and accurate in assessing the kind of school I wanted and finding the right matches.
— Student, NH
Words cannot express how much we appreciated what you did for our daughter. Marylou helped place her in a program that was just right for her and she is doing well!
— Parent, VT
Marylou, you have played so many roles in my life. It’s really amazing! Talk about a teacher making a difference! Wow!
— Student, MA
Polite, patient, ability to listen to the parents, great judgment and a placement which met our needs and our child’s needs.
— Parent, CA